The main concept behind the mind-body-spirit connection is that we are all morethan just our thoughts. We are also our bodies, our emotions, and our spirituality… allthese things combine to give us identity, determine our health, and make us who weare.


We combine many things together in one space
consistently, variety of dailyclasses like a well-ness gym, broader services , very experienced professionals.
CEO & Founder

Zina Geoffrey

Leader in unleashing human potential and Wellness Trainer
She is a Saudi female entrepreneur, and a certified coach in self-development, a leader in human potential, with more than 7 years ofexperience in the field of self-leadership. A pioneer and researcher in thesciences of awareness and positive thought, which has made animpactful transformation in the lives of more than 3,000 people from allover the world, by providing a safe and supportive environment forcoaching & guidance for trainees. To identify and achieve specific objectives, that help to overcome anybarriers or challenges and develop new skills and behaviors. it can betailored to different needs, such as career development, leadership, orpersonal growth.
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To become one of the leading impacts in the industry andproduction of wellbeing and wellness, empowering individuals totransform their well-being through professional guidance and educational across the Middle East.
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• Well-being approach      • Empathy
• Professionalism               • Innovation
• Integrity
• Respect
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To Lead a unique human development organizationbegins in the middle east. Directing humans capabilitiesto empower, restructure, and transform the personaldynamic experience of wellbeing through professionalfacilitators with guidance, awareness, healing, andeducation.

How Can I Help You?

For coaching and healing I use tools within you through the power of yourunconscious mind; the power of self-healing. Only you can heal yourself, through your power. My guidance will awakethe lighting source that will unleash your strengths.

For Who?

People who are getting burn out and living a stressful life and wanting toincrease vitality , healthy
lifestyle ,emotional and mental wellbeing .
For people who wants to be surrounded by the like-minded holisticcommunity to help live a better
and purposeful life.
We are here for you !
Personal Breakthrough sessions are a transformational journey! to reprogram your mind toward what you want. • Identify the root causes of theproblems. • Releasing negative emotions. To a better you, let yourself beseen for who you really are!
Workshop for individuals, each workshop is a total experience of itself! Very powerful and effective. It’s an awakening workshop thatwill blow out your mind with thebeautiful learning and insightsthat you get out of it! Our signature OWN YOUR LIFE WORKSHOP
Visiting tremendous sites with beautiful views, Daily Activities, Healing sessions , Games , Dancing, Relaxing and meditating to find your own ZEN • Clear your mind. problems. • Release your emotions. • Express yourself. We can customize a trip for youbased on your needs
For more productive employees… We offer professional human development and wellness program to increase. You Maximize Profit when youhave Happy Employees!

What Our Students Says

مرة طورتني وغيرتني وخلتني عايشة دايما براحة وسعادة ايوا سويتي دا كلو واكتر ومن جد U r life changing احبك مررة


اشكرك كثيرا علي جلسة اليوم بدون مبالغة بعد ما خلصت حسيت كاني ولدت اليوم كل شيء صار مختلف نظرتي لنفسي اختلفت شكرا من فلب


مرا شكراً إنك جيتي في حياتي وإنك تعطي
بدون مقابل ماعمرك تبي تمنعي الشخص
إنو يحلق ويوصل عشان بس يكون تحت
جناحك ودا اللي مرا أقدرو وأحبو فيكي

fatma bishr

زينة الله يسعد قلبك يارب مره فنانه الدورة مره حسيت اشياء عمري ما فكرت فيها خصوصا لما قلتي اتخيلي الروح دي لحالها بدون جسد مره حسيت قد ايش انو انا با أكبت الروح دي واقسي عليها وكمان لما قلتي حطي ايدك علي قلبك واعرفي شعورك بكل بساطة . مره شكرا

mahadi mansura