Duration 1 hour

1150 Sr

Coaching Package

5 sessions / 1 hour each
5750 Sr

light leadership Package

5 sessions/ 1 hour each
10000 Sr

Mentoring and Coaching Package

3 months
Unlimited Sessions and Support
34,500 SAR
Some of the problems that you may have and suffer from
• Feeling stuck in Past memories/in a situation.
• Feeling lost and don’t know where to start. Feeling depressed, sad, upset
• lack of self-confidence.
• Attachment to people relationships / things / situations.
• Relationship issues.
• Release stress, tension and overcome anxiety.
• Overcome fears and phobias. and more
You want to improve mental and physical performance.
• NLP is a model of communication; how we communicate with self and others, and how that communication create itself and that affects us.
• It’s a technique to understand how our unconscious mind dictates our life and use it to create a congruent, resourceful and empowered Reality. And much more…